I Am Rooted, But I Flow

Viginia Woolf-TCTC.JPG

I took this piece to work with me one day and posted it at my desk.

Part of me wanted to simply display my art. Another side wanted a sale. But there must have been a more visceral urge that drove me to stick it to one of my monitors that day, because my eyes were drawn to it throughout the entire day. I was fixated.

* * *

I go through different periods when in both states. Long, long stretches of time when I feel rooted. And pockets of time when I flow. I want to exist in both spaces at the same time. I’d like to someday say that I am planted firmly in Christ, but with the dexterity of a stream of water navigating every stone and corner with flexibility and grace. Those two things are difficult to master. But beautiful when they coexist.

When this piece sat with me at my workspace, I felt that tension in an almost tangible way. And I can’t wait for the day when I embody Virginia’s words with my whole being.

Thank you, Ashley, for letting us be a part of your home. Maybe these words may mean something completely different to you or may you feel the same tension when you see it every day. Whatever the case, we appreciate you seeing the unmistakable power of Virginia’s words.

– Davina

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