The Mingling of Souls

I love the fact that Phil and I are in an intercultural relationship. And for a single reason: we’re always learning. Okay, I’m biased, I’m a learner so this invigorates me. I love finding out new things about Phil’s Mexican + Irish heritage while he learns about my Grenadian idiosyncrasies one by one. Is it hard sometimes? Is the Caribbean beautiful? The answer to both is a resounding YES. But there’s so much trust there at the same time. I trust him with my culture – I trust him not to mock or minimize it, not to judge or speak unkindly of it. He trusts me to be kind, loving and open with his. So when we mess up, it’s just another opportunity to learn and remind each other of the trust and love we ultimately share.

Our client for this piece gave us the opportunity to make this idea of melding cultures come to life. Thank you, Arkasama.

Thank you for reminding us and everyone who enters your home that it’s not about where we’re from or what we look like. It’s about the mingling of souls.

– Davina

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