Bridget’s Sunrise

IMG-5502 (1)

When I sat down to create this, I didn’t realize how long it would take, nor how much effort I’d have to invest. Okay, I get it, sometimes people bite off more than they can chew, but that wasn’t the case. I knew I could do it, but halfway into it, I grew weary and frustrated.

At that point, it was important for the outcome of my efforts to be important enough to justify every brush and pen stroke.

And for this piece, the goal was to create something I’d be proud of—and my standards are pretty high. So even as my back started to get sore and I got hungry from sitting there for so many hours, my eyes, mind and heart were going full speed. I had nothing else in mind but to make something that would impress my critical eye. And I hadn’t worked in watercolor for such a long time before this art piece, the challenge took on even more importance.

I feel that same tension with The Couple That Crafts. It’s sometimes exhausting work. And even though I love art, it can feel discouraging as I journey toward some of the goals we’ve set. But those goals are so important for us, they power us through the journey.

If the goal is important enough, persevere. Every second and drop of sweat invested will pay off. I promise.

Just look at Bridget’s Sunrise.

Thank you so much, Bridget. You have always been an amazingly faithful friend and patron to The Couple That Crafts. You deserve fields of beautiful plants all around you, all the time.

– Philip

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