Loved With An Everlasting Love

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When I think about the phrase “everlasting love,” it feels very abstract. But sitting in those words for a few moments, I realize that God isn’t just showing off His literary skills. He’s saying something very important. Everlasting is limitless. It lasts forever. Everything we know on earth comes to an end; it’s one of those realities that seems absolute, like everything everywhere comes to an end sometime. Even the very ground we walk on has an expiration date. That makes it difficult to imagine anything that defies time.

But think about it for a second—God’s love lasts forever. I imagine, in my human mind, a length of rope that persists. It just keeps going toward a golden horizon with no end in sight. It doesn’t start and stop. There’s no glitch, no interruption. It just keeps going. God’s love doesn’t exist on the spectrum of time. Unlike earthly marriages, the Church’s marriage to Christ doesn’t end with death—He destroyed death on the cross. That means there’s never a moment EVER when we’re not basking in God’s love, even those times when He feels distant, even this very second, even after death…

And what’s better: His is the perfect, unconditional love our hearts long for.

The kind of love we won’t get from our spouse. He/she’ll fail us, and so will family members, friends, co-workers…there will always be hiccups in their love for us. But not Christ’s.

I find immense peace in that truth. I hope you do too.

Thank you, Jess. I figured you’d love this piece! It’s so aligned with who you are. Thank you for loving both me and Phil like Christ loves us. We’re praying for you guys from the States 🙂

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