Small Whale, Big Feels

TCTC_Whale Drop

For one person, this drop of water is miniscule and won’t be missed. For the whale, it’s his everything.

This is something I’ve struggled with my whole life if I could be honest for a second. Accepting people’s different realities when it comes to forming bonds. For some people, I’m a whale in their life—I matter, I’m acknowledged and I’m loved. For others, I’m just a tiny speck in a tiny drop of water—I don’t matter. Being okay with that reality without growing cynical is difficult.

It’s tough to recognize that there are some people you pursue who won’t pursue you back. They’re a whale in your life, and you’re a drop of water in their ocean. How do you cope with that?

Only one thing’s ever worked for me. Recognizing that you don’t need to matter to everyone in order to matter, you just need to matter to one person.

I know, easier said than done.

One day it clicked for me in a very real way, and I found a way to live out this truth every day. What changed? I read Psalm 139—slowly. Then I read it again, over and over until the weight and truth of those words started changing the way I thought and felt.

Let’s just say I finally realized how much I was worth to the maker of the universe. And when I’m really basking in God’s love and adoration of me, His creation, it’s hard to care that for some people, I’m not bigger than a teardrop in their world.

Read this beautiful Psalm every day with an open heart. Let these words change you.

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