The Wave


I had the honor of growing up in the Caribbean. And that means I spent hours on the beach every weekend. Each Saturday meant taking initiative on certain important chores with the express purpose of bribing daddy to take us to the beach. For us, it was a long drive, and he was always more inclined to drive us there if we washed the van for him.

We’d get there, and my older brother and I would pelt-foot down the water’s edge and throw our bodies into the water. Hopefully, we’d catch a wave.

Even if we did the first time, we’d spend some of our beach time riding the waves, letting the ocean nudge our small bodies back and forth. The water was always merciful to us. The waves always gentle, holding back their power and keeping us safe.

This painting wasn’t just created to flex our creative muscles. It’s a reminder of childhood beach days. And a time when life felt more peaceful.

Thank you, Ellie. You were this painting’s first client and your generosity and patronage are so deeply appreciated. We hope every time you look at this piece, your heart rate slows, and your mind wanders to a beautiful shoreline, where the ocean spray is cool and nothing else matters but enjoying the moment you’re in.

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