Hey friend!

We’re just an ordinary couple with a humble side hustle.

We argue about money, buy cheap furniture at Ikea and wait way too long to do laundry. And we also love art.

We leave work at 5pm everyday and break out our acrylics, watercolor and pens and get to work creating. Most of it sells quickly, some live in our portfolio for a little bit. But it’s perfect for us. We get to tithe on what we earn, go on dates, save a little more and buy $10 bottles of wine. And for us, that’s the good life.

We’re not for everyone though.

If you love handmade, unique pieces to decorate your space or pass along as gifts, we’re a great match. If you prefer pieces that look like they were sneaked past the guards at the Washington Smithsonian, eh maybe we’re not the right artists for you. 

Here’s what we offer and why…

We created The Couple That Crafts to share Christ, beauty and happiness through stunning visual pieces. We offer calligraphy, watercolor and acrylic art, graphic design and photography services ideal for curating home spaces, office areas and dorms.

Message us here, fill out the ‘contact us’ form or hit us up on social media to place your order! We’re also on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CoupleThatCrafts 

Turn any space into your curated art collection with The Couple That Crafts 

Ready to buy, have an idea or feedback? Drop us a line today, and we’ll get back in touch in less than 24 hours 😉

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