I’ve never had a ton of school spirit. Not when I was in red house in GJA, yellow house in Convent, nor whatever house I was in at TAMCC. But something stirred in me when I sat adjacent to the UT Tower the night before classes started. 

I was on my own for the first time. About 4 days fresh to the US. And everything was shiny and new. Even the air around me felt different. 

That cool night, jitters kept us all talking and moving out there on the main lawn. Memories of secondary school faded into the distant past with each passing moment. Dreams of the future unfurled before each of us like a purple carpet. The atmosphere was more than tangible. It was living.

And suddenly, the Tower glowed burnt orange and cheers erupted into the clear August night. Surprised, I heard my own voice join in. The horns went up all around me. And I was deeply moved by this new community I was a part of. Maybe another Grenadian walked the UT campus before me but probably not. And I felt like a pioneer. I threw the horns up, with Bevo as my mascot, two glorious and challenging years of education ahead of me, and burnt orange racing through my veins.

Thank you, Emily for challenging me to paint Bevo. I’m truly grateful for you as a client.


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