Hi friend,

Great to see you! So, here’s the story. We (Philip and Davina) met in Austin, TX in 2016, fell in love and were married a year later. What happened next? We launched our humble art business.

We created The Couple That Crafts to share Christ, beauty and happiness through stunning visual pieces. We offer calligraphy, watercolor and acrylic art, graphic design and photography services ideal for curating home spaces, office areas and dorms.

Message us here, fill out the ‘contact us’ form or hit us up on social media to place your order! We’re also on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CoupleThatCrafts 

Turn any space into your curated art collection with The Couple That Crafts 

Ready to buy, have an idea or feedback? Drop us a line today, and we’ll get back in touch in less than 24 hours 😉

Or click here to order your own custom piece.