The Summit


Climbing a mountain signifies a spiritual or mental “rising” or improvement. Well dang, that’s been life so far in Washington state! I can’t stress how tough it’s been for us since packing up our stuff and dog and driving across the country from Texas. We’re both social creatures, but Phil’s an extrovert, I’m an introvert. And we both make friends very differently, approaching them with completely different motivations. But we’ve both had a tough time finding a community in Washington. I believe that will change soon, but in the moment, it’s a searing pain that exists somewhere in our souls. Overly dramatic? I don’t think so. We’ve tasted how sweet community can be. And the loss of it is felt.

But we moved and we’re going to stay for a while.

Now we’re being challenged to find community. Now we’re being stretched at work. Now we’re trying to stay positive in the biting cold.


Now Mt. Rainier is visible from our neighborhood.

And we can’t help but think God’s trying to remind us that the effort and prayer we invest in overcoming these hurdles will only result in a spiritual or mental “rising” or improvement.

Thank you, Sarah. Thank you for being a great big sister, buying the first rendering of this piece, and for giving us the confidence to share this beautiful piece with the world. We’re glad you like it. 🙂

– Philip & Davina 

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